Best Practices

Applying Best Practices in our daily actions, we invest substantial time and money in our infrastructure and process development to fine tune solutions that: reduce the downtime for the end user; enable the highest degree of efficiency; produce the least strain on the customer’s workforce and reduce the customer’s overall cost of ownership.

As a result of our dedication to continual improvement, our solutions provide seamless, all-inclusive results for our customers.

Management Policies

At the project level, our experienced staff verify requirements, establish estimates, and develop project plans. ITG staff applies disciplined configuration management techniques as part of every contract implementation activity. Baselines are established and all changes tracked. We establish vendor and subcontractor agreements, working together with both parties to meet the requirements and commitments.
Our staff is required to evaluate the quality of the process and work products, and provide objective insight to management. We also carefully track our actual performance and progress against our plan. We perform internal and external quality system audits that result in preventive and corrective actions. When results deviate from the plan, we take early corrective action, which is managed to closure. By implementing our quality management system, we ensure that ITG always attains or exceeds the standards expected by our customers.

Assurance, Inspection, and Testing

From a customer standpoint, the most visible activities of Best Practices are those aimed specifically at making certain that contractual requirements are met in a courteous, effective, and timely manner. Those quality assurance activities include:

  • QA calls to recipients of our products and services to inquire about their level of satisfaction.
  • Perform maintenance and monthly reporting of customer satisfaction metrics.
  • Systematic inspection of electronic components at subsystem and system configurations.
  • Record keeping of all testing performed, including the date, time, and the name of the staff member who completed the activity.

Striving for Quality Based on Best Practices Techniques

Less visible on a day-to-day basis, but equally important to the long-term quality of our systems and procedures, are the various functions designed to promote continual improvement. Best Practices is focused on prevention of quality deficiencies as well as the analysis of service performance with the goal of responding to customer needs in the field.

The daily monitoring of our operations becomes a part of our controlled quality records. All QA data and customer satisfaction surveys are stored and transparency is assured by instant availability to our customer base.

Quality Assurance

This internally focused program is vital to long-term improvement at ITG. The program includes quarterly internal audits and bi-annual external surveillance audits. It examines and documents all established processes and facilitates communication of all critical activities between management and staff.

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