ITG Releases Supply Chain Satisfaction Survey

ITG is committed to measuring its performance from both an internal and external perspective. The company routinely surveys customers and employees, and today announces the release of the third perspective, that of its supply chain partners. This survey, distributed to 121 top ITG subcontractors, achieved a 70% response rate.
The results show why ITG has been able to so successfully apply best practices to achieve lasting high-impact results for its customers. ITG believes strong and positive supply chain relationships are the key to outstanding customer service.
“Our objective is to understand what our suppliers’ think of us as a customer, starting from a payment perspective on to ethics, loyalty, technical and system breadth,” said Michael P. Angelakis, ITG President and CEO. “We welcome constructive criticism and wish to build on the advice and recommendations of our business partners,” he continued.
Of companies responding, 98.8% reported being very to somewhat satisfied with the company as a whole. In addition to overall satisfaction, the survey measured the effectiveness of communication, technical support, payment processes, problem resolution, and asked respondents to compare ITG to other contractors.

Supplier commentary included:

“Your company seems to have remained a company that is very customer oriented and one of the few companies that actually treat its subcontractors in a way that rewards us for our efforts.”
“We do work for a lot of contractors, and I’d rate ITG at the top of the list. On the rare occasions when there are issues, ITG steps up to the plate and gets things resolved. ITG is the most professional group we do work for, and they always pay on time.”
All surveys are maintained in the ITG Document Control System and are available to Customers and Auditors.

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