ITG Translates Its Venerable Website ( in Ten Languages

As the first step in making its comprehensive suite of management and enterprise software available for international distribution, ITG has completed the translation and deployment of ten new web-sites reaching over two billion people. With this release, ITG introduces to web visitors its expertise in applying best practices and international standards to information technology implementations.
Complementary to the introduction of ITG IT services capabilities to global customers, these international portals are segues to the highly specialized ISO, ITIL, and CMMI software tools and documentation websites that make up the ITG internet presence of over forty websites. All content has been optimized in individual languages and registered with search engines country by country. ITG’s 800 number gives customers around the world instant and easy access to high quality customer service 24 hours a day – every day.
“We work in a highly interdependent world where progress will be rapidly accelerating because of the collective knowledge sharing,” says ITG CEO Michael Angelakis. “This release is our way to share with the world the tools created and expertise gained from working with the world’s most demanding client: the United States government.”
ITG is a Best Practices Information Technology Services company that delivers uncompromising performance. Since 1984, we have designed, tested, and delivered over $300 million in information technology products and services in over 1,230 locations in 70 countries around the world. We measure our success on the caliber of our clients and the enduring relationships we maintain.
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