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"Enabling our clients with a decisive, high quality, technology advantage..."


Computer Installation and Deployment

Since 2000, ITG has performed more than 150,000 computer installations and data migrations. These engagements are distributed across commercial and government markets, encompassing more than 1,850 domestic and international locations.

We engage in worldwide deployments, ranging from one unit to tens of thousands of units. In accordance with U.S. Government network access and security requirements, ITG provides applicable cleared personnel for the duration of the deployments.

ITG’s primary corporate objective is to provide computer services and support to government and industry where integrated computer-based systems are vital to effective information processing. A key element in obtaining this objective is the development, integration, and implementation of an efficient, cost effective, and timely computer installation process.

Currently, ITG provides installation and warranty service support for tens of thousands of computer systems under contracts to multiple U.S. Government agencies and prime contractors. In support of these activities ITG maintains over 1,230 locations in the United States. With over 4,000 available field engineers and technicians ITG is uniquely qualified to provide reliable, high quality system installation services.

Computer Installation Process

The installation process adopted by ITG is a structured, systematic methodology that has evolved from our lessons learned in prior component installations. Successful adherence to established installation schedules is only obtained when precursor activities of acquisition, distribution, client site schedule coordination, and personnel deployment are appropriately coordinated, monitored, and tracked.

The logistics of coordinating computer equipment and installation personnel, with appropriate qualifications and security clearances are complicated but achievable when handled by our experienced logistic experts. ITG has provided acquisition, distribution, and installation of computer systems for many years and during this time has developed the necessary communication, tracking, and monitoring systems to ensure that the installation process runs smoothly.

Installation team members are specifically selected for a given team by the corporate-level installation specialist in order to ensure a proper mix of hardware installation expertise while at the same time ensuring schedule adherence and minimizing logistics cost.

ITG’s computer installation process encompasses a number of steps designed to provide smooth and efficient component installation. These activities include:

  • Transport of components to be installed from loading/staging area to installation area
  • Un-boxing of shipped components
  • Performance of the installation process in accordance with client approved procedural guidelines
  • In conjunction with installation of the new component, de-installation of the existing component and associated peripheral equipment identified at the individual site location
  • Migration of user documents and personnel settings from the old hard drive
  • Installation of the new software image
  • Injection of user documents and personnel settings to the new hard drive
  • Testing and certification of the new component(s)
  • Erasure of old hard drives
  • Boxing of the de-installed components
  • Movement of the de-installed components and all related components from the replaced workstations to an area designated by the local site contact
  • Removal of all packing boxes, materials, and debris from the installation site area to a designated location either on- or off-site.



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