How we work

For more than 30 years, we have built our reputation on a record of quality, dependability, and exceptional customer service.

Dedicated to our commitment to uncompromising performance, today we are a Best Practices Company, which supports federal, commercial, and non-profit organizations over a global client base. Our perseverance and attention to quality have earned us over 30 years of continued profitability growth, a feat seldom accomplished in this challenging industry.

Our Pillars

Focus on the Customer Focus on the Experience
Focus on Performance Focus on the Future
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Multidimensional Quality Management System

Integration Technologies Group, Inc. operates under a quality system in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001, NIST 800-171 and CMMI Level 3 for the Services (SVC) and Development (DEV) constellations.

As such, the company has completed the ISO auditing requirements and has received the 9001:2015, ISO 20000-1:2011, and ISO 27001:2013 registration certificates and CMMI Level 3 appraisals for both constellations. As with all Best Practices quality systems, the system at Integration Technologies Group permeates a multitude of activities. In addition, the company’s management formulates a strategic quality plan annually, outlining the goals and objectives of the quality efforts for the year.

All certifications are granted for performance across all company departments, not just individual departments, and we continually improve our assessment level.

Our Differentiation

Consistent Customer Experience Cost Effective Project Management Transparent Project Status

Services Plan Components

ITG has developed and implemented a series of methodologies articulated in Work Instructions, Procedures, Policies, and Manuals which provide a convergent guidance to employees for the delivery of services in accordance with the observed quality standards and business models. All documentation is allocated to staff by job description and resides in the company Document Control System (DCS), accessible to all eligible staff members.

Management Policies

At the project level, requirements are carefully managed, estimates are established, and project plans are developed. We identify, analyze, mitigate, and manage risks. ITG staff applies disciplined configuration management techniques as part of our regular contract implementation activities.

Changes to the baselines are managed and tracked. We establish vendor and subcontracting plans, communications and agreements. We work together with our vendors and contract partners to meet agreements and commitments. Our staff is required to objectively evaluate the quality of the process and work products and provide objective insight to management.

We also carefully track our actual performance and progress against our plan. We perform internal and external quality system audits that result in preventive and corrective actions. When results deviate from our plans, we take early corrective actions and manage them to closure. By this implementation of our quality management system, we ensure that ITG always attains, and whenever possible exceeds, the standards expected by our customers.

Assurance, Inspection and Testing

From the customer’s standpoint, the most visible activities of the Quality Assurance Department are those aimed specifically at ensuring the company’s courteous, effective, and timely response to contractual requirements.

These quality assurance activities include random calls to recipients of our products and services inquiring about their level of satisfaction, maintenance, and monthly reporting of customer satisfaction metrics, systematic inspection of electronic components at subsystem and system configurations and recordation of all testing performed including the time, date, and the name of the staff member that completed the activity.

Striving for Quality

Less visible on a day-to-day basis, but equally important to the long-term quality of our systems and procedures, are the various functions designed to promote continual improvement.

Our Quality Assurance activities are focused on prevention of quality deficiencies and analysis of service performance with the goal of responding to customer needs in the field.

The daily monitoring of the customers’ satisfaction is a part of our controlled quality records and is managed by our Quality Assurance Manager, who escalates issues directly to Executive management when identified. All QA data and customer satisfaction surveys are stored in our web-based company proprietary system (ITG CENTRE) and transparency is assured by instant availability to our customer base on demand.

Assuring Quality Assurance

An Audit Program critical to long term improvements at Integration Technologies Group is internally focused. The program includes bi-annual internal audits and annual external surveillance audits. It examines and documents all internal processes and permits management to communicate to all staff the company objectives and mission critical activities.