[Closed] Purchasing and Subcontracts Specialist

Position Closed. This job ad no longer accept résumés for consideration.

Job Description: Purchasing and Subcontracts Specialist

  • Under the general direction and supervision of the Subcontractor Relations Manager, provides administrative assistance to the supply chain involving the Purchasing and the Subcontractor Relations departments.
  • Monitors and maintains the purchasing lifecycle (researches parts availability, issues Purchase Orders, maintains and updates lists of OEMs and third-party vendors.)
  • Monitors and maintains the lifecycle of subcontractors and vendors, such as contract negotiations, hiring, and termination, if necessary.
  • Prepares periodic reports using Excel. Handles confidential information.


  • Internal:
    • Interacts with the Subcontractor Relations Manager, Technical Account Managers (TAMs), Business Development Managers (BDMs), Project Management Office (PMO) and other staff at various levels.
  • External:
    • with subcontractors, OEMs, third-party vendors, customers, and other stakeholders as required.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Creates, issues, tracks and communicates Purchase Orders (POs.)
  2. Supports and assists stakeholders in a variety of purchasing requirements, such as identifying hardware requirements, reporting generation, maintaining of data integrity invoicing approvals and verifications.
  3. Supports and assists stakeholders in a variety of subcontractor requirements, such as identifying qualified subcontractors, negotiating contracts, administrating data entry and invoicing approvals and verifications.
  4. Performs other Purchasing / Subcontractor Relations duties as assigned.
  5. Checks each item for quantity, specifications, and delivery requirements. Develops and researches supply sources, and issues requests for quotations or bids for those items not covered by any existing purchasing arrangement.
  6. Evaluates end-to-end purchasing department activities related to purchase requisition and purchase order activity.
  7. Ensures that all policy standards and all necessary levels of approval are met.
  8. Ensures that timely processing takes place, within reasonable deadlines.
  9. Ensures that contracts are logged and stored electronically.
  10. Evaluates contract status, end dates, and compliance on regular intervals.
  11. Ensures that required documentation for independent contractors and vendors are current.
  12. Performs the administrative steps and execution of issuing approved purchase orders.
  13. Ensues follow-up of all orders placed centrally within the company supply chain system.
  14. Addresses vendors’ questions and issues in a timely fashion.
    Teams with the Accounting department and ensures that vendors are paid in a timely manner; troubleshoots issues when payment has been delayed or stopped.
  15. Reviews vendor quotes to determine the best suppliers with whom to work.
  16. Assists in quality assurance of products from suppliers.
  17. Optimizes current supply chain in terms of cost and lead-time reduction, better payment and freight terms.

Other Related Duties

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • Associate’s degree or equivalent relevant training and work experience.
  • Minimum of three years’ experience in a purchasing environment.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, particularly MS Excel
  • Familiarity with automated workflow processes and procedures.
  • Working knowledge of supply chain management.
  • Demonstrated ability in meeting internal and external customers’ needs in a satisfactory manner.
  • Adaptability to influx of new information, changing conditions or unexpected obstacles.
  • Ability to work with domestic and international suppliers.
  • A+ Certification or Standard knowledge of IT hardware
  • Knowledge of Excel to include basic formulas & data sorting experience.

Status: Non-exempt

Position Closed. This job ad no longer accept résumés for consideration.