New PartnerShip with Cybersponse

ITG Cybersponse SOAR

Integrating Technology & Developing a Tactical Solutions for the Battlefield

Integration Technologies Group (ITG), in collaboration with CyberSponse, has integrated technology from several leading cyber security firms to provide the US Army with an innovative tactical solution.

The Army Cyber Battle Lab located in Ft. Gordon, GA has recently released their official assessment report. After an extensive review, several companies were selected to test their solutions in the lab. After successful testing, CyberSponse was then selected to be deployed in the field while supporting Army Cyber Protection Team soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division this past June.

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When deployed at the battalion and brigade level, this solution can provide real time inspection, identification of malicious code or actors, and automated response capabilities. It requires minimal training for soldiers and a small data form factor platform that can be deployed quickly.

It relies upon several industry leading technologies to deliver a capability not previously available to tactical units. These include:

  • CyberSponse CyOps – SOAR – Security Orchestration and Automated Response package,
  • Integration with end user operating systems,
  • API level integration to Army Program of Record COTS products (PAN, Splunk, End Game, Elastic, Red Seal, etc).