ITG has activated its Emergency Management Response Plan (EMRP), beginning Monday, March 16th, 2020 (more)

Beginning Monday, March 16th, 2020, ITG activated its Emergency Management Response Plan (EMRP) to contribute in the national effort of COVID-19 containment, to safeguard the health of our employees, customers, and business partners and to support our employees parenting needs, while their children are out of school.

Our Best Practices EMRP, ensures the company’s uninterrupted performance, as our human, material and processes infrastructure, has been configured for business continuity, in emergency conditions.

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Case Study: US Courts

Uncompromising Performance for the US Courts of the Federal Judiciary

ITG serves all US Courts in the United States and its territories, making sure that the hardware and software they use works every day at every site without fail. Since 1992, ITG has provided on-call maintenance to over 300 locations.

We maintain a variety of hardware systems including HP network servers, RAID arrays, UPS devices, and Exabyte and HP backup tape drives and libraries. Our toll-free hotline provides our client instant access so we can mobilize immediately to send pre-configured hot spares to the Court to affect repairs.

Our equipment depot and technical staff stand at the heart of our rapid response capability. We maintain a test bed of servers and backup devices duplicating the Court’s various operating systems and hardware configurations. These test beds are used to recreate problems and to test parts and devices. Each member of our team of professionals has the necessary background and experience to work with the US Court’s specific systems and quickly assess and respond to problems.

Our technical professionals are provided the necessary flexibility to resolve the US Courts technical problems; and are empowered to use their knowledge of equipment and resources, including local sources, to get the right solution in place fast, without getting bogged down in bureaucratic procedures.

Our dedication to uncompromising excellence in our performance routinely exceeds the diverse requirements of our customer. When we confront a need that is not routine, we rise to the challenge. We have shipped individual parts and whole, pre-configured servers via expedited air, and have had technicians standing by at the airport to receive, transport, and install mission-critical replacements. Our diligent commitment to delivering on our promises has earned us an enduring relationship with the US Courts as well as industry recognition for our successes.

Performance is our focus and passion. We deliver high impact results for the US Courts every day.