[Closed] Electronic Repairs Manager

Position Closed. This job ad no longer accept résumés for consideration.

Department:  Electronic Repairs

Job Description Electronic Repairs Manager

Under the general direction and supervision of the Vice President/COO, coordinates and supervises the functions of the Electronic Repairs department.

  • Establishes unit objectives, work plans, schedules, and ensures resources are available for completion of established operational assignments.
  • Diagnoses, services, repairs and maintains personal computers, servers, printers and/or other data communications equipment.
  • Hires, trains and supervises staff in the service and maintenance of computers and related data equipment.
  • Establishes work standards, methods and controls for repair and/or maintenance actions.
  • Develops repair services policies and procedures.
  • Focuses on resources development and process improvements.
  • Evaluates and implements changes in work procedures in assigned areas.
  • Provides technical assistance and support to office personnel as required.
  • Handles confidential information.


  • Internal:
    • Interacts with Bench Technicians, Technical Account Managers (TAMs), Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and a variety of staff in other departments.
  • External:
    • Interacts with Field Engineers and subcontractor technical support staff.Interacts with vendors and manufacturers’ staff at various levels.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Plans, organizes and directs activities of the Electronic Repairs department.
  2. Establishes work standards, methods and controls for scheduled and unscheduled repair and maintenance actions.
  3. Investigates, analyzes, and resolves hardware and associated software and communications problems; performs complex hardware repairs and maintenance on a wide range of PC-based computers and peripheral equipment.
  4. Isolates malfunctions using troubleshooting techniques, diagnostic software, technical data and other tests requiring specialized test equipment.
  5. Interprets malfunctions and determines extent and economy of repair of malfunctioning equipment. Prescribes, coordinates and ensures accurate and timely corrective action.
  6. Reviews technical instructions and plans and ensures; ensures compliance with technical data, instructions, and work standards; ensures conformance to standard repair and maintenance practices.
  7. Maintains, inspects and tests assigned equipment and/or systems.
  8. Installs components, units and printed circuit boards following specifications.
  9. Supports Quality Assurance with receiving inspection and test, and shipping.
  10. Establishes work priorities for self and subordinates and schedules repair actions.
  11. Documents problems relating to hardware and software, and sets up prescribed formats, resolving them independently or referring them to expert staff as needed.
  12. Develops and/or follows established operation security practices; ensures compliance with safety standards and instructions.
  13. Documents all repairs for Quality Assurance testing and processing.  Interacts with departmental staff to ensure Electronic Repairs customer satisfaction.
  14. Reviews, prioritizes, and processes problem reports; documents the progress of projects.
  15. Develops and maintains inventory of computer, printer, server, and/or other related equipment and peripherals, hardware and software.
  16. Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality customer service.
  17. Hires, trains and supervises Bench technicians and/or other employees, as the need arises.
  18. Ensures a high level of quality for customer service standards is maintained.
  19. Ensures test bed and common work areas are clean and well organized.
  20. Assists ITG support desk representatives on testing or providing information to Field Engineers.
  21. Interacts with vendors and manufacturers’ staff at various levels regarding parts information, technical information, and repair warranty.

Other Assigned Duties:

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • A+ certification is required.
  • Bachelor’s degree in electronics and/or equivalent certificate from a technical school, or equivalent training and work experience.
  • Minimum five years experience as Electronic Repairs senior technician or equivalent experience in an electronic repairs and/or maintenance environment.
  • Experience using electronic test equipment such as multi-meter, signal generator, oscilloscope, digital voltmeters, and audio analyzer.
  • Ability to read and understand technical drawings, datasheets, and written work instructions.
  • Knowledge of a wide range of computer systems software, applications, hardware, and communications.
  • Knowledge of customer service standards and procedures, and ability to relate well with customers.
  • Good verbal and writing communication skills.

Status:   Exempt

Position Closed. This job ad no longer accept résumés for consideration.