New Government Contracts for ITG


As part of its annual business plans and with emphasis on the Business Plan, the Company has invested significantly in internal automation, infrastructure, and marketing. During this fiscal year our investments produced rewards in the form of several major new government contracts and subcontracts.


The Company, through its sales force, made specific efforts to be selected as the prime contractor, or be part of major GWAC (Government Wide Acquisition Contract) contract awards in 2006. Our plan incorporated securing highly coveted best practices certifications, pursuing access into prime contractor organizations, identifying quality proposal generation staff and seeking assistance in producing sophisticated financial cost models and bids.


This year, among other accomplishments, the Company became a preferred vendor for Hewlett-Packard Corporation, was selected for two related subcontracts, and was awarded the ten year Army Desktop and Mobile Computing II, (ADMC 2), GWAC multi vendor contract, with a ceiling value of five billion dollars.

ADMC 2 is likely to be the Company’s flagship contracting vehicle for a long time and its award validates our investment and underscores the faith that the US Government places on our Company. Related internal projects are currently underway to integrate and strengthen our subcontractor and supplier systems and be ready for task order competitions.

With this newsletter we would like to extend our appreciation to GovConnection Corporation and its parent PCConnection, to Hewlett-Packard Corporation (H-P), to Panasonic Corporation, to Red Team Consulting and to our business development group headed by Bill Halladay for their stellar performance.

Clearly our deepest appreciation is reserved for the United States Army that honored us with its preference. The future will show that selecting our Company was indeed a wise decision.

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