ITG has activated its Emergency Management Response Plan (EMRP), beginning Monday, March 16th, 2020 (more)

Beginning Monday, March 16th, 2020, ITG activated its Emergency Management Response Plan (EMRP) to contribute in the national effort of COVID-19 containment, to safeguard the health of our employees, customers, and business partners and to support our employees parenting needs, while their children are out of school.

Our Best Practices EMRP, ensures the company’s uninterrupted performance, as our human, material and processes infrastructure, has been configured for business continuity, in emergency conditions.

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IT Management Support for IRS

IT Management Support for the Department of the Treasury

The Internal Revenue Service depends on ITG to service and maintain the hundreds of pieces of hardware that make up its Integrated Collection System (ICS). The ICS is both complex, supporting a variety of tasks and decisions, and geographically dispersed, reaching across the United States and beyond. ITG won this competitive contract for IT Management Support because of its ability to deliver a high level of performance for this mission critical system.

For the IRS, we deliver:

  • Alternative component evaluation & Configuration management
  • Inspection
  • Router/server/switch evaluation
  • Workstation integration
  • Service and maintenance
  • WAN and communication support
  • Help desk
  • Problem reporting & Problem resolution support
  • Technical assistance
  • Database inventory maintenance
  • 24/7/365 network management support
  • Equipment malfunction evaluation
  • Online inventory database system

ITG has a geographically diverse network of elite, highly trained professionals and the capacity to stage components around the world. Therefore, we support 18 separate IRS installations in the U.S. and outside, including three computing centers, five regional offices, and ten service centers, comprising several hundred thousand work stations.

Additionally, our IT Management Support goes beyond simple geography. Extending to product and process knowledge and to performance that routinely exceeds expectations. We have an impressive command of the products we maintain, understanding the particulars of each piece of hardware; its strengths and weaknesses, lifecycle and manufacturer lead-time.


Our proprietary system, CENTRE (Common Enterprise Resource), provides both ITG and the IRS online access to tracking data for every problem, its causes and solutions including how long it took to resolve it. CENTRE is a powerful project management tool that offers authoritative reporting on trends, status, results and costs. CENTRE provides compliance with ISO, ITIL, and CMMI,

Response Time

ITG’s response and repair times for the IRS go above and beyond the industry standards. Because each piece of equipment is vital to IRS operations, down time must be kept to an absolute minimum. We respond within four hours for desktop computer problems, repairing them in less than eight hours and we respond in eight hours for printers and monitors, repairing them within sixteen hours. We are able to perform at this level because we maintain a depot with a large quantity of tested and ready spare parts and because our practiced team can quickly assess and resolve problems.

In conclusion, at ITG we are committed to measuring up to exacting standards and to outperform expectations. Our long-term relationship and track record of achievement with the IRS is a source of great pride to us as we focus on realizing high impact results for them every day.